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Kalibari, Maligaon, Guwahati

Maligaon Kalibari was established in 1951. Some of the residents of Maligaon (Mostly Railway Employees) felt the need of a place to worship and created a small thatched structure with woods and put on idol Kali and Lord Shiva and daily puja of goddess Kali was introduced.
From the same year the Durga Puja & Kali PUja was introduced. In those days Durga Puja & Kali Puja were observed by erecting pandals with bamboo and tarpolin and the budgets were very limited. About 10 – 11 years later, the temple was constructed by C.I Sheet roofing with wooden frames and cement plastered walls. Durga puja from 1951 to 1975 was observed with strict rituals and musical and theatrical performances for entertainment in the evenings.
The year 1976 saw a dramatic change in the standard of Durga Puja. Young generation of the time, who were associated with the puja observed “Silver Jubilee” that year and number of visitors to the puja pandal and later in cultural programmes were noticeably increased.
From 1976, the standard of puja kept on improving and a huge no. of visitors made it a point to visit Maligaon Kalibari (as a must).
Year 2000 was the year of golden Jubilee. In spite of flood in the different parts of the adjoining states, which made it difficult for the committee to procure materials, the puja committee was successful to keep flag high. The rush of people during the puja crossed to record high (about 2 Lakh).
Year 2009 the total no of visitors were more than 5.0 lakh.
Maligaon Kalibari celebrated its Golden Jublee in the year 2010.

Photography Courtesy : Ujjal Deb

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