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Hidden Artisans of KumorPara

in a small obsecure gali of Bhadreswar lies this workshop run by a family for over five generations. Unlike Kolkata Kumortuli which sees a lot of tourist interest, the buzzing of a thousand cameras and so much media attention, hardly anyone knows about this place. One chance encounter on a monsoon day made us appreciate the sheer artistry and talent that this simple people have.


 The "mati" used for the hands and the toes has to be hand sieved to remove lumps while the clay used for the face of the goddess and her family is sieved through a cloth to give it a smooth chocolatey texture. There are different mounds of clay used to prepare different body parts of the idol.

 The family runs on a tight deadline as they work huddled together in these tiny workshops for hours at a stretch. Sometimes they eat in the workshop and work throughout the night. The guy in the photograph says that the untimely rains delay the process of idol making and the family has to work at an insane pace to meet deadlines. Most of the idols have already been booked by local pujo committees.

Everytime we see  Durga Maa shining in her resplendent avatar at the magnificent pandals we should spare a thought for the people who actually made all this possible!
Hidden Artisans of KumorPara Hidden Artisans of KumorPara Reviewed by gargi niyogi on October 03, 2013 Rating: 5

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