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“Dhak-er Mahayuddha”

The Mere Thought of Durga Pujo, ushers in a lot of positive energy within all, especially Bengalis.
With the occasion, the first thing that strikes on our mind is vacation, fun, food, family, and music, especially of the traditional instrument Dhak, a sound that resonates on our mind, is amplified by the thought of the Pujo’s.
It is this music that evokes a lot of passion, emotion and belongingness. Sentiments aside, every Pujo vies for the melody and rhythm created by this melodious instrument, which the master players, the Dhaki’s, create. Though they form an integral part of the Pujo celebrations, they are rarely appreciated for their contribution to make our Pujo experience complete. We would like to play our part this year on, to appreciate their effort, and felicitate the best team for making our Pujo experience, the one like never before. To achieve this, we need you to come forward with your participation for this cause, and help us put a smile across the face of these humble musicians, so that they can make our Pujo experience a memorable one.

Documents Required:

• Brief History of the Puja. • Previous Acheivements • Social Activities Plans and timings • Copy of Permission Documents Obtained from Relevant Authorities. (KMC, Police, Fire, Safety and Emergency • Route and Road Map for Access  • Emergency Escape Route Map • Medical Emergency Facilities Details • Vehicle Movement Maps with Clearly indicated Parking Space

Terms and Conditions for Participation:

• Duly signed and stamped Application Form with All Mandatory Details to be Clearly Filled and Submitted on or by the stipulated Date • No Late Entries will be Entertained • Prominent Display Space of 3 Banners (6’ X 3’) to be provided during the entire event duration. All matters of display will be printed and handed over to committee for displaying in the allocated area. • Parking space for 04 number of four wheeler vehicles (Including One Satellite TV UNIT VAN) for a maximum duration of 45 mins at the closest location to the performance venue. • A performance area / space of adequate size, to be provided for the performers to perform before the Honorary judges. • Adequate security arrangements to be made for VIP’s and Guests arriving for judging the performance. • Adequate Mob Control Arrangement to be ensured at all times during the presence of the eminent judges and VIP Personalities. • Seating Arrangements for a minimum 10 persons to be provided for the Judges during the performance. • Commitees with Group of minimum of 5 Dhakis are allowed to participate. • Minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 dhakis can compete in a group. Kansar Wala Additional. • All performers to wear the dress as provided by us during the performance. • A maximum time of 15 minutes will be provided for the performance. • All the Honorary Judges decision will be final and binding upon all. • No Claims and litigations will be entertained at any point of time. • This events is purely Entertainment oriented, targeted to benefit the Dhakis and their families, and has NO legal bindings What So Ever. • The Preliminary Contest will be held between the 8 – 11th of October 2013, The Final Result Will be declared on the 12th of October, 2013. (Tentative visiting table will be provided well in advance to the designated committee from our end). 
• The Results will be published in prominent Print Media and Electronic Media. • Permission to issue VIP passes 200 nos. to our sponsors and associates in the approved format. • All Form needs to be submitted by 30th September at Bluetouch Advertisements & Events Pvt. Ltd.- 130 A, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata 700 045. Incase of any dispute, it is subjected to Kolkata Jurisdiction only.

Submission Link : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dhaker-Mahayuddha/495407017221128
“Dhak-er Mahayuddha” “Dhak-er Mahayuddha” Reviewed by Arghya Roy on October 01, 2013 Rating: 5

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