Cover Story: Durgapuja at Dr Pratap Chandra Chandra Mansion - The Legacy Continues

The Chandra barir's traditional ekchala puja is held at Nirmal Chandra Street.

The Chunder family came to Kolkata from the village Khisma beside the river Churni, Nadia, in the year 1781 and is residing in the same place since then. They are both Vaishnavas and Shaktas and worship Vishnu, Durga, Kali & Saraswati.

The great and kind hearted Ganesh Chunder laid the foundation of the worshipping Durga after building up the Natmandir in 1877. Subtle presence of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, Netaji, S.C.Bose, Deshapriya J.M. Sen Gupta, Dr. B.C.Roy and many other famous persons attended the Puja of the Chunder family that intensified the magnitude of the Chunder family. Still it holds the same heritage of the glorious past.

We are greeted by the family members and were given seats and drinking water. They also gave us a leaflet of the family history.

The Family is known for:
Dr. Pratap Chandra Chandra (Former Central Minister for Education, during Morarji Desai term)
Ganesh Chandra Chandra (The street Ganesh Chandra Avenue is named by his name)
Nirmal Chandra Chandra (The street Nirmal Chandra Dey Street is named by his name)