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Bishnupur, Guwahati

In the North East part of India Sharadiya Navaratri is celebrated as Durga -Puja.The dates of Durga Puja celebrations are set according to the traditional Hindu Calendar in the month of Ashwin which is the beginning of the winters. It falls in the months of Sep -Oct. As Durga Puja represents celebration of the Goddess as Shakti, all her nine different forms are worshiped during these nine days. 

With its religious significance this festival has turned into a huge socio cultural event here. People participate in this celebration irrespective of their religion, backgrounds and beliefs. Beautiful pandals are built in different areas of the city (pandals are temporary structure made with bamboo and cloth, these pandals are used as temporary temple to worship the goddess).While some of the pandals are simple structures, others are often elaborate works of art with themes that are based on history, current affairs and sometimes pure imagination. Pujas are mainly financed by the local people and communities and as it is in trending many corporate houses too sponsor this event.

Photography Courtesy : Ujjal Deb
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