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Charming Touch of Bangalini at Abasar Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee 2013

One of the most admired club of South Kolkata which is 63 years old that is known as Abasar Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee. It is always been their endeavour to present something inimitable and extravagant every year. The theme artist Gouranga Kuila this year too will depict his expertise towards 2013 Durga Pujo theme of Abasar Sarbojanin.

The theme is titled as “Bangalini”. It refers to each & every aspects of Bengali customs & traditions. They came out with a beautiful metaphor to express their puja in a vivid way.

‘Pipremukhe shasya dana
Rongerpakhi mello dana
Kheterpore bhomrar gaan
Sharotershoore dhin ta na na
Methodalan mekheche rong
Mayershebay sholo ana
Palokdiye vashche pakhi
Tubrikholay bhomra
Taal patapakati aar bhutta diye
Ebarpujoy amra.’

This stanza suggests that the committee will dance to the tunes of this autumn festival, the pandal will consist palm leaves, corn etc. Each & every ritual of the puja will be done in the most holistic manner.

The cost incurred behind this Bangalini theme is estimated at Rs. 20 lakhs approximately. This puja pandal is located at the crossing of Townsend Road& Rakhal Mukherjee Road in Bhowanipur and the nearest Metro station is Netaji Bhawan. So durgapujaonline.com is always on the go to capture each & every moments of Durgotsab 2013, Kolkata.
Abasar Club Abasar Club Reviewed by Arghya Roy on October 10, 2013 Rating: 5

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