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Aromas of Bonediana: Falguni Sangha 2013

In 1942 during the riot basically with the objective of social welfare, Falguni Sangha took its first breath in the month of “Falgun” (February-March). Thus Falguni Sangha one of the oldest club organizes Durga Puja in the heart of South Kolkata in Gariahat. Falguni Sangha is an organization with glorious past and dedicated future. With only 29 residential houses Falguni Sangha organizes the Durga Puja within a very limited budget like a united joint family mainly with the objective of carrying the tradition with dignity and tranquillity.

The secretaries Shekhar Mukherjee & Krishna Kali Banerjee have decided their theme to be based on Bonediana. People from all sects and religious have been celebrating this event with great fervour and enthusiasm for years. Zamindars and aristocratic families of the state have long been known to celebrate this festival in their own unique ways, thus giving birth to the concept of Bonedi Barir Puja.

On 8th October, 2013, the pandal will be inaugurated by the local females and as far as the sources are concerned it is a 10 lakhs rupees budget. Also the cultural evenings will be organised on this auspicious occasion. To reach this homely atmosphere Durga Puja under the shelter of Barowari Pujo, all you have to do is just be near Ballygunge New Market and locate the respective pandal. The nearest Metro station is Kalighat. Your favourite blog www.durgapujaonline.com will bring more updates about Falguni Sangha to you.

Article : Animesh Maji
Posted By : Arghya Roy 
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