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Lustrous Touch of Bonediana


Chetla Sarbosadharaner Durgotsab Committee 2013

Pandals and idols inspired by a particular theme have been the hallmark of many community or Sarbojanin Pujas in Kolkata since the 1990s. Puja committees decide on a particular theme, whose elements are incorporated into the pandal and the idols. Popular themes include ancient evolutions like the Egyptians or Incas. The design and decoration is usually done by art and architecture students based in the city. The budget required for such theme-based pujas is often higher than traditional pujas. They attract crowds and are well received. Inspired by Kolkata, theme-based pandals are becoming popular in cities in neighbouring states. Experimentation with the idols does not happen much outside Calcutta.

Rapid growth of competitiveness in theme pandals, and also rapid growth of enormous billboards that come up at strategic junctions, prior to Puja and allied commercial activities, has also created a cultural backlash from city's traditional puja pandals. Chetla Sarbosadharaner is one of the oldest Durga Pujo of South Kolkata. Eighty seven years old Durga Pujo qualified with a superb history of its own. The general secretary of the Club Sumit Dutta in an exclusive interview with www.durgapujaonline.com elucidates the illustrious history that embellishes Chetla Sarbosadharaner Durga Puja. The Pujo is purely traditional and follows all the guidelines and rituals that have been passed down to them and hence they are doing true justification to their title “Sarbosadharaner”. This year they are erecting a traditional Rajbari Pujo or Bonediana style. They will organize certain cultural programmes like Sankha Bajao or Quiz competition. The pandal will be opened on the gracious evening of Mahapanchami by Nirmala Mishra who is known to be a famed playback singer. Kamalika Decorators are crafting this puja pandal.

www.durgapujaonline.com suggests that you just can’t afford to miss the traditional zest of Chetla Sarbosadharaner Durga Pujo 2013 by reaching the nearest landmark Chetla Boys Club and the nearest Metro station is Kalighat and you can also visit their website as www.psrdurgapuja.com.

Article : Animesh Maji
Posted By : Arghya Roy
Reviewed by Arghya Roy on September 21, 2013 Rating: 5

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