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Ponchovoot E Maa Shakti, Matri Rupe Abirvoota

Nalin Sarkar Street Durgapuja 2013

Folks we all know that Kolkata has a superabundance of Durga Pujas, from North to South, from East to West, so many distinctions, so many permutations and combinations are followed to achieve feat. There are certain Durga Pujas in Kolkata that have become famous and accredited regardless of the plights they are confronted with. Nalin Sarkar Street is one such example where there is space restraint but structural competence, decorum and discipline have donated to their admiration. Nalin Sarkar Street Durga Puja has received acknowledgment from every crook, last year the Puja Committee won as many as awards.

“Ponchovoot E Maa Shakti, Matri Rupe Abirvoota” is the theme of 2013 by Nalin Sarkar Street Puja. This aforesaid suggests it is Maa Durga who has created this universe and gave natal to the five vital elements in creation of this universe i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Spirit & Air. Maa Durga is Shaktidayini or the powerful and also the Goddess came into existence from the essential elements of nature. It is better known as “Maa Shaktidayini o Maa Er Roop Prakashita”.

This puja is a very ancient one which is on the verge of completing 81 finest years in 2013 and moreover a big budget Durga puja worth Rs. 20 lakhs so far. The theme artist for this puja pandal is an eminent maker namely Sutanu Maity.

The Secretary Siddharth Sanyal conveyed that Nalin Sarkar Street Durga Puja will be opened on this divine Chaturthi and expecting a huge crowd this time as well. Isn’t this theme is an awesome one? Well, don’t miss it out from your Durga puja hopping list of 2013 and reach near the Khanna Crossing and also can avail the nearest Metro Railway to Sovabazar. www.durgapujaonline.com will again try to publish more of their updates further to those who somehow cannot attend this pandal.

Article :Animesh Maji
Posted By : Arghya Roy

Reviewed by Arghya Roy on September 21, 2013 Rating: 5

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