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Lorry Art Exemplifies Maa Durga at Darpanarayan Tagore Street Pally Samity 2013

Numerous Durga Pujas are held at North Kolkata however Darpanarayan Tagore Street Pally Samity is value stating Puja because of its chaotic location with vehicles & labours. The puja pandal is situated in Posta area of North Kolkata nearby Howrah. They are stepping into 48 years of their journey for puja and had been tremendous so far. Their punch line of this year is “Shukh Swapan –e, Shanti Darpanarayan –e”.

When we actually heard of Posta, the first picture clicks in our mind is swarm of people & vehicles all around and also the peculiarity. The breathless crowd, honking of vehicles, blaring of labours, body odour and the activities toward warehouses, made this puja location an extraordinary to the masses. The specific area is covered with multilingualism and labour class people earning their livelihood. Therefore, this year the puja committee managed to uplift the scenario of this labour class masses and their diversified culture. And this will be illustrated by the Lorry Art or Truck Art. These people are almost deprived from the flavours of happiness and prosperity of the city. The art made in the Indian trucks are absolutely astonishing and rarely seen across the sphere. The artists of this lorry design are always being kept aside and never come forefront. So it is utmost necessary to convey their artistic skills to the societies. Often we see Aashi bondhu abar dekha habe or Dekhbi aar jolbi, luchir mato fulbi and many more creative phrases in the body of a lorry.

With every kind of colours, poetries, melodies and fun; they have adorned their pandal this year in 2013. The budget of this puja pandal is approximately Rs. 12 lakhs. Debotosh Kar made the idol of Maa Durga and the pandal is being decked by Bapi Decorators from Kolaghat, Medinipur.

Swapan Basak and Gautam Kar are the Secretaries of Darpanarayan Tagore Street Pally Samity Durgotsav 2013. They both have a great optimism from this year’s theme of their puja pandal. The pandal certainly signifies the appealing sense of the respective lorry art.

So people, it’s absolutely a worth hopping pandal for you from where can we actually accustom the larger part of labour class lives and their culture to a great extent. All you have to do is just reach Malapara KKT Street Crossing and watch the electrifying theme of this puja committee. Girish Park is the nearest metro station you can actually avail.       
Lorry Art Exemplifies Maa Durga at Darpanarayan Tagore Street Pally Samity 2013 Lorry Art Exemplifies Maa Durga at Darpanarayan Tagore Street Pally Samity 2013 Reviewed by gargi niyogi on September 14, 2013 Rating: 5

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