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Jamini Roy’s Vibrant Essence in 47 Pally Yubak Brinda

North Kolkata’s another celebrated Durga Puja is the 47 Pally Yubak Brinda which is all set with the rich & vibrant colours of Jamini Roy’s replication work. This puja committee is titled as “Tomay Fire Dekha” that is entirely devoted to Sri Jamini Roy. Jamini Roy’s style was a reaction against the Bengal School & Western Tradition. His underlying expedition was threefold: to capture the crux of simplicity embodied in the life of the folk people; to make art handy to a wider section of people; and to give Indian art its own identity. Among his works, the famous ones are Cats Plus, Makara, Santal Boy with Drum, Virgin & Child.
The pandal is embodied wholly with Roy’s works by the theme artist Chandan Sarkar who proves to be a spontaneous illustrator. 
This pandal worth’s Rs. 7 lakhs and it will be inaugurated on Panchami. Shikha Mitra & Sultana Ahmed will induct this divine occasion and the festivity will be trailed by Parar Bhog. Pinak Mukherjee is the secretary of this puja committee and hopes this puja theme is going to be a great feat in the city.
This is a 53 year old Durga Puja is a place where everyone & anyone can get the real kernel of deity puja.

We should not miscue this eminent Durga Puja of 47 Pally Yubak Brinda as this is going to be a legendary theme puja of 2013 Sharadiya Utsav. The pandal is located near Islamia Hospital in the north zone and the nearest Metro station is Central.

So what are you waiting for? Just reach as soon as possible the venue on Panchami to witness the impulsive art replication of Jamini Roy by the theme artist. And pass on his contributions to the rest of the world.  
Jamini Roy’s Vibrant Essence in 47 Pally Yubak Brinda Jamini Roy’s Vibrant Essence in 47 Pally Yubak Brinda Reviewed by gargi niyogi on September 16, 2013 Rating: 5

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