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Durga Pooja special egg roll recipe

Durga Puja is incomplete without a gorging session on delicious egg rolls.... Learn how to make them at home. :)

  1. Knead the maida with sufficient amount of water and salt into a soft dough (similar to the chapati dough).
  2. Divide it to four balls, and make them into chapatis.
  3. On the tava, roast the chapati(single, not all the four) with some oil, set aside.
  4. Beat an egg with some salt and pour it on the tava to make an omlette, spread it to the size of the chapati.
  5. Now place the roasted maida chapati over the omlette immediately, before the omlette is cooked, this will allow the chapati to stick to the omlette.
  6. Roast both the sides until its cooked completely. 

  1. Remove from the flame and place it on a sheet of thick paper. Sprinkle the chopped onions, green chilies, red chili powder, salt on the egg side of the chapati. Add the grated veggies, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, few drops of lemon juice on it.
  2. Now roll the chapati, hold it, and then roll the paper over it, make it into a cylinder, with the bottom covered with paper. Its ready to be served.
Note : Instead of all the above stuffing, you can stuff it with left over potato curry/chicken curry etc.
Durga Pooja special egg roll recipe Durga Pooja special egg roll recipe Reviewed by gargi niyogi on September 26, 2013 Rating: 5

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