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Durga Maa as Creator of Earth at Rammohan Sammilani

Maa Durga is also referred to as “Maa Jagat Janani” which means that mother is the creator of this earth where we are living in. With this notation, Rammohan Sammilani Durgotsav Committee of North Kolkata are setting this year’s Durga Puja theme. Maa Durga as we all know is very powerful & adamant and she is considered to be that goddess who created this earth as well as its vital components. Rammohan Sammilani is one of the oldest puja of North Kolkata where the rituals of the occasion are held with a strong aesthetic sense.

In this pandal, each & every element will resemble the creation of earth accordingly by the goddess. This will certainly catch the minds as well as the eyes of the hoppers in a distinctive way. Also there will be certain of those rudiments, which would categorise the vigour of Maa Durga. She always wants us to live in prosperity and all the evils should be extensively destroyed.

Rammohan Sammilani is going to rejoice their 69 years of journey in organising Sharadiya
Utsav in the city and as far as the sources are concerned, this year their budget is approximately Rs. 20 lakhs. The idea of the concerned theme is wholly designed & conceived by one of the famous artist Purnendu Dey. Amazingly this puja is going to be inaugurated by today’s uprising playback singers like Iman, Pratik, Arijit Singh and famous female playback singer Swagata Lakshmi on 6th October.

Consequently if you folks want to get rid of the huge crowd during the festival, then it’s high time to tie the shoelace and be at the grand opening of Rammohan Sammilani on 6th October. To reach the exact venue is pretty easy because it’s few steps away from Girish park Metro station and the nearest landmark is Rammohan Hall.

This puja committee is also organising various cultural events which will be clearly declared sooner by the Secretaries who are namely Amar Chatterjee & Anirban Sengupta. And furthermore if you all want to know more about Rammohan Sammilani, then it’s just a click away virtually (www.rammohansammilani.in) and you could also like their page in facebook.
Durga Maa as Creator of Earth at Rammohan Sammilani Durga Maa as Creator of Earth at Rammohan Sammilani Reviewed by gargi niyogi on September 16, 2013 Rating: 5

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