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Carnival of Mirrors by Hatkhola Gossain Para Sarbojanin- 2013

The time has arrived when we shall be now talking about 76 years old Durga Puja of North Zone which is now administered the new-fangled prevailing drift of Puja. This puja committee believes that it is always better to amend oneself with the on-going changes of society. Hence it is an entrant into theme built Durga Puja. In 2013, the theme artist Subhodip Majumder is all set to present his vision about Darpan which merely means Mirror. The puja pandal will wholly be fashioned with mirrors & mirrors all around which is astonishingly exuberant to the hoppers & viewers.

This is also going to be a newer experience for our fans residing overseas as this kind of artwork are rarely seen and mirrors have various significance altogether. Mirrors can clear obstacles to success; attract good relationships; help one find something lost; objectify wishes; entice opportunities; actualize a helpful patron and bring all kinds of good fortune to oneself. The strength of mirrors in creating influential good fortune auras and auric fields has been a well-guarded dimension of Fengshui practice for a very long time; perhaps a couple of thousand years and even the Masters who know how to activate good fortune using mirror rituals admit they have only restricted knowledge of their use. When the mirror is held up to reflect any kind of light, like magic it would create a blooming image. Description: Description: http://www.wofs.com/images/stories/misc/magic_mirror01.jpg

Gorachand Goswami, Secretary of Hatkhola Gossain Para Sarbojanin believes that their pandal made up of mirror will certainly reflect prosperity in the nation & its populace. This Durga Puja is a pretty small budget and attracts as many as viewers.

This puja pandal is located near Hatkhola Post Office and the nearest Metro station is considered to be Sovabazar. All the further updates like photographs & videos will be uploaded as soon as the festivity begins in www.durgapujaonline.com and till then friends keep counting for the gala day to arrive.   
Carnival of Mirrors by Hatkhola Gossain Para Sarbojanin- 2013 Carnival of Mirrors by Hatkhola Gossain Para Sarbojanin- 2013 Reviewed by gargi niyogi on September 17, 2013 Rating: 5

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