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45 Years of Incredible Voyage by Sri Sri Banstolla 

Sarbojanin Durgotsav

When we talk of a Barowari Pujo with spontaneity, comes the puja of Banstolla Sarbojanin Durgotsav in North Kolkata. The current 2013 theme of this puja committee is a conventional Barowari theme. The word “Barowari” emerged from the words ‘baro’ meaning 12 and ‘yari’ meaning friendly connection. Much earlier in 1790, 12 Brahmin friends in Guptipara, Hooghly, had decided to institute Community Puja. Subscriptions were upstretched from neighbours and thus started Barowari Puja in Bengal which gained popularity in leaps & bounds. Initially, Durga Puja was an occasion for the rich Babus of Kolkata, later individual initiatives declined as collective enterprises came to replace it.

The pandal will be all decorated with the aesthetics of Barowari theme. This puja is a four lakhs rupees budget roughly and will organise Bhajans during the graceful occasion of Sharadiya Utsav. Arranging tuneful Bhajans in a puja pandal is simply outstanding to the maximum disciples.

The pandal will be graciously inaugurated on Panchami by few Ministers. The nearest Metro station is Mahatma Gandhi Road and the nearest landmark to experience this incredible voyage is Harirm Goenka Street(Banstolla).

Article : Animesh Maji
Posted By : Arghya Roy
Reviewed by Arghya Roy on September 17, 2013 Rating: 5

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