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Big Budget Durga Pooja in Kolkata

The land of Bengal has always been known for her devotion to Devi Durga since time immemorial. The worship of Durga is integrally weaved into the contour of Bengal's culture. Thus when Bengalis celebrate it, they celebrate in grand style. Almost a hundred of pujas are organized every year. But a few are grand. And by grand we mean really pompous. Ekdalia, Babubagan, Mohammed Ali Park, Kumartuli, Maddox Square, Suruchi Sangaha, Ahiritola are some of the biggest mandals in Kolkata for celebrating Durga Puja. From the northern fringes to the southern parts, these big names are spread all over the city. The top four ones are as follows:

1.     The Ahiritola Puja has been conducted from pre independence days. Thus it has got a huge social, historical and cultural importance. With lavish decorations and excellent themes year after year, this one is really one of the best. And the generous budget is as big as the occasion itself.

2.     Speaking of grand pujas, if we descend southwards Ekdalia and Singhi Park ones are no less in terms of budget. With elaborate lighting arts and huge pandals decorated to the fullest, these pujas witness huge footfall every day. Last year Ekdalia even roped in German artist Gregor Schneider.

3.     The next name in the list of grand ones is that of Kumartuli. Since the place itself is synonymous with supreme craft and art, the Kumartuli Park Durga Puja never lacks in terms of artistically rich and innovative themes. Last year they designed a beautiful ' Pora Matir Kella' as their pandal. It was truly awesome.

4.     Mohammed Ali Park is no less big. It is even one of the oldest ' sarbojonin ' pujas. Their themes are thought invoking and intelligent. Last year their theme of 'torture against women' was highly applauded.

In this list the name of Suruchi Sangha also deserves a mention. A veteran puja, having completed more than 50 years, it is a huge attraction for pandal hoppers.  Its decorations and light works are magnificent. Thus Bengal experiences a large number of big budget Durga Pujas.  These celebrations are the pompous show of wealth and power because we know that it’s for her, our Mother Goddess and so it’s worth it
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