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The marvellous Pandal Makers

Durga Puja Pandal Decoration Ideas

 Durga Puja Decorative lights Photo

Each year the canvas of the pandals in its creativity increases and new forms of the pandals are seen. Behind the various interesting pandals are the teams of pandal makers who toil for weeks and months exposed to the elements while creating a home for Maa Durga. The pandals makers create magic from bamboos and numerous other materials. The list of materials and ideas with which they make pandals increases each year, fascinating the pandals hoppers. They are the unnamed silent heroes who dutifully complete their work and leave for the crowds to enjoy the beauty they create.
Often we do not know the people behind the marvelous pandals we see as they prefer being in the background. Many of them are from farmlands and work in the pandal making during the pujas. The mirth and joy they share during the process of  pandal making can be experienced if we follow the making of any pandals. Inspite of being exposed to the sun and the rain they continue to create a feast for eyes. At www.durgapujaonline.com we salute to their grit and undying devotion for art!
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