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Kalabau (Nabapatrika) and Durga Maa

Kalabau, popularly known in Bengalis as Ganesh’s wife, in reality has no relationship
with Ganesh. Our scriptures call her Nabapatrika ornew leaves. Interestingly enough,
Nabapatrika was actually a popular ritual performed by the peasant folks for prosperous harvest. As idol worship was not common then, people worshipped Mother Nature. It was
during the autumn (Sharat), the time for reaping crops (Amondhan); peasants worshipped
Goddess Nabapatrika for good harvest. Later when Durga Puja became a popular festival
of Sharat, all the nine holy rituals of the Nabapatrika, were added to the ceremonies of
Durga Puja. In fact Nabapatrika represented the primitive form of Durga Puja. This
primitive form of worship is still prevalent in some places.The original nine plants of Nabapatrika are: bananaplant (kalagaach), colocassia (kochu),turmeric (halud), jayanti, woodapple (bel gach), pomegranate (daalim gaach), arum(mankochu), rice plant (dhan), and the ashok tree.
Kalabau (Nabapatrika) and Durga Maa Kalabau (Nabapatrika) and Durga Maa Reviewed by gargi niyogi on July 04, 2013 Rating: 5

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