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Durga pooja Fact File

  • 1606 - first recorded puja in West Bengal. Celebrated by Bhabananda, the ancestor of Maharaja Krishnachandra of Nadia
  • 1610- the oldest Puja in the city of Calcutta was supposed to be arranged by the family of Sabarana Chaudhury of Barisha.
  • 1761 - first Barowari puja in Guptipara, Hoogli.
  • 1829 - Lord Bentinck was present in a Durga Puja in the house of Gopimohan Dev in north Calcutta. Inviting British rulers in Durga Puja started from the time of Raja Nabakrishna Dev. 
  • "Barowari" puja started in the city from 1860. In 1924 the name changed to "sarbojonin". Even today some organizers use the term "barowari". 
  • 1939 - Simla Bayam Samiti Puja. Subhaschandra Bose unveiled a 21-foot Durga. 
  • In the late 60's Durga images were flown overseas and Puja was celebrated.
  • From the 80's , corporate sponsors started offering awards for best decoration, best images, best presentations etc. Currently around a dozen of them have different kinds of awards sponsored.
  • Bakul Bagan Durgotsab, South Calcutta ( Bhawanipur/Hazra area) : Leading artists like Nirad Majumdar, Rathin Maitra, Paritosh Sen, Shanu Lahiri, Meera Mukherjee etc. have taken turn to design the images of this puja.
  • Mythological facts:
    • Which God gave what weapon to Devi Durga to destroy Asura
      • Vishnu - chakra (discus)
      • Siva - trishul (trident)
      • Varun - shankha (conchshell)
      • Agni - flaming dart
      • Vayu - dhanuk (bow)
      • Surya - tunir ebong teer (quiver and arrow)
      • Yama - iron rod
      • Indra - bajro (thunderbolt)
      • Himalayas - Lion
    • Carrier
      • Durga - Lion
      • Kartick - Peacock
      • Ganesh - Mouse
      • Swaraswati -Duck
      • Lakshmi - Owl
      • Mahisasur - Buffalo
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