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Diamond Park Community seeks to invoke the Earth Goddess

Diamond Park community Durga Pooja
Year 2013
The world is in dire straits today. With the green house effect melting our polar ice caps, the atmosphere is suffering from excessive heat. As we move ahead towards technological progress, we are sacrificing our lush green forests, our majestic flora and fauna and our natural splendor. Is this progress or failure? Creation or destruction? These thoughts worry us all the time and cast a black shadow on all our achievements.
We want to dive into the ancient oceans of India and discover those precious jewels of spirituality and religion. With our modern educated and enlightened minds we will invoke the blessings of the eternal Goddess…Maa Durga and spread the message of peace and joy among our fellow brothers and sisters. Its our sincere effort to make the 35th durga pooja organized by our community special and beneficial .
Nature is distraught and the whole of mankind is suffering along with her. Our only hope is the mighty Goddess Durga on whose lotus feet we can place our prayers and ask for deliverance. We badly need the blessings of our Maa Durga.
This year our thoughts have dwelt on our national bird…the gorgeous peacock. The Peacock (the national pride of India) will show us a way to escape the meaningless violence and disturbance that has engulfed our lives and point a way towards a more gentle harmonious tomorrow. No more violence and cruelty against animals. Let’s think of new ways to sustain and flourish our exotic animals and birds. This is our promise to Mother Earth and we will put our best efforts towards this direction.
We hope that you will support us in this endeavor and your presence, good wishes and enthusiasm will make this Durga Pooja glorious.
The Diamond Park Community Durga Pooja
Diamond Park Community seeks to invoke the Earth Goddess Diamond Park Community seeks to invoke the Earth Goddess Reviewed by gargi niyogi on July 10, 2013 Rating: 5

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