When we listen to Birendra Krishna Bharda's  baritone voice on the  dawn of Mahalaya , we become ecstatic. The charm of this autumnal festivity is like a healing balm, the pull is magnetic. Ma Durga coming to her Baaperbari with her four children Laxmi, Saraswati, Ganesh, Kartick is celebrated with huge pomp and show . These five days seem to pass so fast , the urge to see the maximum number of Durga thakurs and Pandals overpower us .

The journey from North to South, East to West remain continuous, rest and relaxation take a backseat , the blisters on feet because of the new sandals, body ache due to long hours of Pandal hopping , this is the usual picture of Kolkata Durga Pujo with which we are so accustomed , in fact we wait throughout the year just to relieve these moments.

Traditional Pujo, Theme Pujo, Parar Pujo , the list is never ending, time period is short and to cover most of the Durga Pujos appear to be the biggest challenge of the moment. Besides, there are some must see Durga Pujos , they might be Traditional in its approach but their fame and grandeur remain unsurpassable . One of the most noteworthy Durga Pujo in South Kolkata is Singhi Park Sarbojanin Durga Pujo .In the early years, the Durga Pujo was financed exclusively by the organizers, no subscription was collected from the local people. At that time,  the Puja occurred  in an under developed area called Singhi Park owned by the Singhi family .

The area was not blessed with proper electricity  until another ten to fifteen years and the place would remain stranded at night.  During 1955-56 the area was cleaned and Singhi Park Durga Puja Committee  managed to construct a big structure along with a stage where various cultural programs were held daily, organized by the local residents during the puja. Various competitions on Bijaya Dashami, food and game stalls etc. contributed to the look of a fair. Now the Pandal is being erected on the road but the participation from the masses is still overwhelming .

Singhi Park is an ardent believer of the Traditional Durga Pujo pattern, the Pandal is the biggest proof of its experimentation with new ideas, lighting from Chandannagore, everything associated with this Durga Pujo is just perfect. When contacted Bhaskar Nandi, General Secretary of Singhi Park Durga Puja 2012 , he said that this year they are presenting the replica of the famous Meenakshi  Temple , a historic temple that is popular world wide. The interior and exterior of the Pandal are being decorated keeping the structure and architectural beauty of Meenakshi Temple as a point of reference. The Pujo has a locational advantage too, people from all parts of West Bengal can access it easily by different modes of transportation.

So friends from Panchami evening you all can assemble in Sighi Park Durga Pujo 2012 to witness the blending of modern and traditional elements. To see the Photos of Pandal, Ma Durgar Protima keep visiting .