Friends you all must be knowing that in Behala area there happens to be a fifty five year old Durga Pujo that has been experimenting with new ideas from the year 1992. It is Adarshapalli Durga Pujo that shot to overnight popularity through Dokra, Iron , Shell and Brick  works. The Cub has its own swimming pool, gym, dance academy , two ambulances and finances education of some students studying Medicine. Sushanta Sen , an associate of Adarshapalli Durga Pujo 2012  shared pertinent facts about the Club with The year 2012 would see Abortoner Ghurni Paake Dhorte Hobe Somoytake ( in the vertex of whirlpool, the time needs to be caught up with ) conceptualized by theme maker Avijit Das.

Time moves on, it is something which is beyond the capability of human control. There have  been so much of inventions, science and technology have made progress in leaps and bounds but nothing has been discovered that can control the movement of Time . Millions of years back existed the dinosaurs, even those enormous sized animals have become extinct with Time. The presence of dinosaur is now confined to story books, films, in documents and in the figments of our imagination.

The animal that ruled the universe with his power and ferociousness eventually have been reduced to trivial, insignificant beings and with Time traversing further they became extinct, only fossils bearing the testimony of its existence. This is the harsh reality of life,  irony of Time, the game of destiny .  Time has turned everything topsy - turvy. Once upon a time cave men existed, who drew paintings to communicate their ideas, used stones to produce fire, fed upon raw animal flesh, they had a primitive lifestyle but now life has changed totally.

Even people who raised their voices to kindle the light of modernization , freedom and democracy have also vanished into thin air. Time marches on , it moves forward ceaselessly, uninterruptedly.  New Year comes and it goes making place for another, similarly Durga Puja too arrives every year with new hopes and aspirations. The autumnal festivity is the messenger of positive vibrations in our life. Adarshapalli Durga Pujo 2012 would present the concept of onward movement of Time through formation of wheels and human models.

The interior of the Pandal is likely to resemble the shape of a wheel where as the exterior is made of  hay. The role of wheel is symbolic, it is signifying the continuous movement of Time, the unconfined and unrestricted aspect of Time. So Adarshapalli Durga Puja 2012 has already made its super fast entry into your South Kolkata list , just go near Behala fourteen number bus stand and join the celebrations in Adarshapalli. would share some more updates as soon as possible.