A Durga Pujo which was started by Late Saroj Bagchi at his residence in 1935 was shifted to Maddox Square Park next year and began to be known as Maddox Square Durga Pujo. The Durga Pujo here is purely traditional , the Ekchala pattern is followed and Ma Durga and her four children are ornamented with golden Daaker Saaj. The Pandal is usually in the format of a Rajbari belonging to  the time of Zamindars. In the words of Shib Shankar Basu, treasurer of Maddox Square Durga Puja 2012, '' the Pujo here is pillar based to facilitate easy movement, entry and exit of the Pandal hoppers''.The Pandal ceiling is decorated with huge lanterns from Rajasthan.

The true spirit of Durga Pujo is celebrated in Maddox Square .It has a nostalgia, an air of reminiscence ,an aura around it. The huge gathering from people of  all age groups , the chatting, the discussion, the gossips that go on among friends while sitting on the Pujo ground  have a special feel. People love the ambiance of Maddox Square Durga Pujo .

It is a meeting ground where long lost friends from school or college perhaps get a chance to come across each other , sit on the green grass and exchange some ideas. Our parents have always commented on the beauty of the gossip session that goes on in Maddox Square during the Durga Pujo days. The food stalls with their lavish spread of sumptuous dishes act as energy boosters. Maddox Square Durga Pujo draw a huge multitude of crowd but surprisingly enough no one has to stand in long queue for hours. Firstly, there is no space constraint and secondly the administration of Maddox Square Durga Pujo ensures that no one face any kind of hassle in terms of line.

You all just come and enjoy yourself to the fullest, breathe in plenty of fresh air and recharge yourself with positive energy, take Ma Durga's blessings because she with her traditional look of  Daaker Saaj and heavenly smile is just waiting to embrace all of you. Moreover our life is tension bound, all of us are running after time, trying to cope up with stress and meet our deadlines. These five days of Durga Pujo just give us some scope to re-energize ourselves and get back to our daily routine so just come here and have a gala time, be at the acme of your cheerful mood because that is the theme of this particular Durga Pujo, to enjoy.

Different Durga Puja related competitions are organized so in case guys and gals you are interested just make your entry to the Dhunuchi competition, if you are the winner then your friends might arrange a treat. So friends shall  meet you all at Maddox Square Durga Pujo 2012 ground, dont fail to come and have some fun and frolic with us, appointments fixed right?