Its time to talk about a seventy five year old Durga Pujo of North Kolkata which now is governed by the new existing  trend of Pujo. This club believes that it is always better to modify oneself with the ongoing changes of society. Hence it is an entrant into theme based  Durga Pujo and last year it won six awards also. is mentioning about Hatkhola Gonsaipara where in Durga Pujo 2012 theme maker Subhashish Chakroborty is presenting his thought Sajabo Jotone Arup Rotone. Nature is attired brilliantly to welcome Ma Durga, it is in full bloom, there is lush greenery around, everything looks so vibrant and rejuvenated.

The kaash flowers that herald the arrival of this autumnal festivity have blossomed in ampleness and the Shiuli flowers have adorned the ground in a circular fashion creating an impression of a decorative neck piece. The corns have become ripe, they have attained optimum development which is indicated by their rich golden colour. The water bodies are bedecked with the profuse growth of   lotus symbolic of purity and remarkable natural beauty , it seems that the bounteous growth of lotus have endowed these water bodies with a new identity .

The usual appearance of these ponds and lakes have changed suddenly with the arrival of Durga Pujo, they do not look dull and monotonous because the growth of flowers add beauty and new definition  to it. Thus nature pronounces the fact that the countdown for Ma Durga's home coming has began with earnestness and avidity. Her divine feet shall touch the face of earth causing her anklets to make sound . Her ornaments that decorate her hands shall also move to produce a jingle sound that would elicit similar reaction and response from the world of Nature, the flowers and the rivers over flowing with water would also make sweet melodious noise.

The warm soothing breeze  would make Ma Durga's neck piece and ear rings  to oscillate  in to and fro  motion. Her ear rings would dangle like the sweet smelling Champa flower. Her luxuriant hair would encompass the movements and activities of the whole universe , her eyes are sometimes calm and composed , tranquil and serene but with the demands of situation her eyes that guarantees peace of mind sometimes acquire a ferocity, a feeling of  turbulence and discomposure is reflected through it. The rays of light emanated from her Trinoyon would burn all the sins and negative energy. It is because of her divine power that Mahishasur was reduced to ashes  and the ill omens were converted to lucky signs.

The joy and prosperity that generate   with Ma Durga's arrival to her '' Baaperbari''  is predominant not only in the world of Nature but also in the territory of humans. It is Aditya Sen, the member of Hatkhola Gonsaipara Sarbojanin Durga Pujo 2012 who revealed the theme  to and said that this year Ma Durga's ornaments shall be highlighted and will play a vital role. Now friends details of decoration is a surprise, you personally should visit and find it out but we have already given the hint in our explanation. Hatkhola Gonsaipara Durga Pujo 2012 has placed a humble prayer before  Goddess Durga, to fill our lives with optimism and geniality, we are not asking her for materialistic pleasures, luxuries and wealth but there should be mental peace and spiritual happiness.

Picture details will soon be shared . Keep checking