Behala has occupied a commendable position in the theme and award winning segment of  Durga Puja for the past few years. Among the leading clubs that astonish the pandal  hoppers is Baisha Sabuj Sathi Club, the winner of last year's twelve awards. Sandip Bose speaks to and  talks not only about Durga Puja 2012 theme but also about the social activities with which the club is associated. According to him the value of Durga Puja becomes meaningless if we fail to contribute to the society in our own way. Mr. Bose informs about their collaboration with Shankar Nethralaya '' Mission for Vision'' programme where in free eye tests and surgeries are organized in the club.

Their coalition with benevolent ventures is adequately reflected through  Barisha Sabuj Sathi Club's Durga Puja 2012 theme, Nepathye , an idea  conceived by Sujit Biswas . Nepathye is the portrayal of the real picture laying dormant behind the extravagance and lavishness of Durga Puja, a piece of work which shall unfold the hard- work and  passion   of all those people who remain neglected  but their help in Durga Puja is inherent and fundamental. Nepathye will also highlight the artistic excellence that are on the verge of decay and destruction. To mention a few one will be able to see Mrith Shilpo, Pot Shilpo and Shola Shilpo among the others. Exorbitant amounts of money is spent every year to add magnificence and splendor to Durga Puja but the pain and perseverance of those who endow us with this enjoyment remain disregarded and overlooked. In their effort to add  realistic feel to Nepathye the theme maker is traveling to all corners of Bengal. Pot chitro and Shola shilpo that shall magnify the beauty of the Pandal  are coming straight away from Nankarchokh( village- East Midnapore) and Bonkapashi( village- Katoa, Burdwan). The poor artisans in spite of adding colour and perfection to Durga Puja remain immersed in the abyss of despair and gloom. In the words of Sri Bose '' we have faith, belief, and confidence in such social responsibilities but from all corners we need all your support , co- operation and blessings to bring this noble cause a success''.

So Panchami is the day when Barisha Sabuj Sathi Club Durga Puja 2012  opens its door to welcome all and as always promises to share more details soon.