Khidderpore Kabitirtha Durga Pujo is celebrating its sixty glorious years in 2012. The Durga Pujo here is purely traditional . converses with Sanjeeb Mukherjee , in charge of Kabitirtha Durga Pujo 2012 and finds out many riveting facts surrounding Kabitirtha. The place was once the dwelling place of three most celebrated poets of Bengali Literature , Michael Madhusudan Dutta, Rangolal Bandopadhyay and Hemchandra Bandopadhyay. It was Ranjit Kumar Chattopadhyay , the famous freedom fighter who named the club as Kabitirtha. In the year 2012, Kabitirtha Pujo committee is decorating their Durga Pujo Pandal like an old Palace. They are not impersonating any particular kind of palace , it is imaginative and original.

Kabitirtha Durga Pujo 2012  Mandap shall have fourteen pillars, the structure would apparently be partially similar to the pillars that we see in James Princep Monument in Princep Ghat Kolkata. Friends please remember that the similarity factor is just co-incidental , we will see a completely original production of an artistic imagination. The ceiling of the Durga Pujo Mandap would be flat. Light shall play a vital role in outlining the elegance of the palace. Around three hundred spot lights are utilized to represent the beauty of the creation effectively and sufficiently. Rudrani avatar of Ma Durga is worshipped in Kabitirtha Durga Puja. The Durga idol is inspired from oriental art by Ramesh Pal.

The club shall organize different cultural events during Durga Pujo. The Chaturthi evening shall be musical because singer  Bonosree Sengupta will sing some melodious heart warming numbers. Sashthi evening will again be dedicated to music, Indrani Sen whose music is always enjoyable and pleasurable shall keep all of us engrossed. Sindur Khela, a part of Dashami ritual is observed in Kabitirtha Durga Pujo in a ceremonial and conventional manner, the active participation of all the married women of the locality makes the event look entertaining and blissful.

So friends you must see this traditional Durga Pujo and be a part of its diamond jubilee jubilation and triumph. would surely come up with more coverage soon.