A twenty four year old Durga Pujo that has entered into the theme genre for the last twelve years and has been capable of meeting people's expectations appropriately is Kalitala Sporting Club. The Club through their Durga Pujo themes have always experimented with a wide variety of subjects and their research and developments yielded fruitful results. Some of their themes that have received  recognition and acclamation from our Pandal hoppers are Robi Thakurer Haat, Bibhuti Bhushon Bandopadhayer Aranyak, Coconut Pandal, Morutitrtho Hinglaaj and many more .

Club President Tarun Ghosh informs that in Durga Pujo 2012 they are coming up with Ushnayon, a concept conceived by the theme maker Somnath Dutta. According to him, Kalitala Sporting Club Durga Pujo committee has always tried to portray their social responsibilities through their themes. Global warming is an issue of stupendous importance hence the Pandal decoration is planned and executed accordingly.

A safe and clean water supply is becoming a scarce commodity in many parts of the world. With growing population and rapid industrialization the demand for water has increased dramatically . This in turn pushes the demand for energy and fossil fuels resulting in further increase in global warming. The ground water is getting depleted faster than it is being replenished . Both quantity and quality of water has a direct impact on energy demand and global warming. Changing climate, global warming, deforestation, and water shortage are ominous signs of nature's revolt against human greediness.

To provide accuracy and legitimacy to the concept Ma Durga shall be worshipped underground , this is just to show the future probability and the harmful consequence of global warming which if not dealt with care can cause the earth to sink underground. The Pandal shall resemble the shape of a globe which is likely to have a crystal appearance. The appearance is achieved to entirety and exactness by the use of aluminium foil and sun pack fiber sheet. Inside the Durga Pujo Pandal, there are four layers of soil structure not only used for the purpose of decoration but also providing rationality and reasonability to the theme.

Since global warming happens to be a geographical issue hence other geographical parameters and prerequisites of the subject like soil structure, globe has been included within the purview and range  of the thematic content. Kalitala Sporting Club Durga Pujo arranges a delicious community lunch and a lovely musical evening just after Durga Pujo which we fondly term as Bijoya Sommiloni. Kalitala Sporting Club Durga Pujo 2012 shall be inaugurated on Chaturthi evening .

Now friends has given you ample details, now you fix the day and time of visiting Kalitala Sporting Club Durga Pujo 2012 and dont worry would share more details soon.