is always on the look out for innovative ideas ,in our quest for uniqueness we came across Salt Lake B J Block  Durga Puja 2012 . U.S.Ghosh Dastidar , joint secretary of Salt Lake B.J. Block  Durga Pujo 2012 initially stated that the Pandal will be in the form of a Rajbari. For some moments we were contemplating  but the real astonishment and amazement occurred when the theme was elaborated by explaining even the minutest detail. Sutanuti Ghure Ontorpure , a theme designed by Subroto Dutta is supposed to be B J Block's gift for all the Pandal hoppers.

The history of Bengal and Kolkata is illustrious, it bears the testimony of  our rich culture and heritage, the more pages we leaf through the pages of History ,more we are acquainted with  informations  but a fact that is well substantiated as a result of studying the history of Bengal is that Durga Puja is inextricably linked with our culture and sentiment.

Almost three hundred and twenty two years back, Jon Charnak landed in the village of Sutanuti, and eventually Kolkata, the City of Joy was born. In those days, the Zamindars used to built their grand residences in close proximity to Sutanuti because that would allow their trade to flourish. The courtyards of those houses were filled with ecstasy and exhilaration during Holi and Durga Puja because at that point of time worshipping Ma Durga was a very private affair, confined only among the royal and affluent circle.

Gradually a conversion took place, Durga Pujo became accessible for the common masses, began the tradition of Barowari Pujo which is approximately more than hundred years old. With time, the joint family system has become obsolete and the magnificence and flamboyance of Durga Pujo of those Zamindari houses either have been lost or its on the verge of obliteration. But Salt Lake B J Block has tried to present the glory of the Durga Puja of bygone years in a way envisioned by them. They have attempted to strictly adhere to those times by keeping the flavour intact , the Pandal structure, the lights, the worshipping procedure shall commemorate the old days. Even the idol of Ma Durga will bear a semblance between  traditionalism and modernism.

The portrayal of Durga Pujo in  ancient times have been imagined by us in our own way, the visualization is embedded deep within the recesses of human psyche. The lavish palace, the court yard, the rich music which are a part of the cultural glorification of the treasured past shall be revisited by us the moment we enter Salt Lake B J Block Durga Puja 2012 . The memories of old Kolkata which when  cherished by us give delight and pleasure will be presented in a wide canvas , to add realistic touches to the concept the cultural events have been planned accordingly . What kind of events have been planned to depict the custom of old days is something which you all should go and find out personally from Panchami evenings.

Keep checking because we will share the details of Pandal decoration, cultural events , Ma Durgar Protima everything online. Just a little wait my dear friends.