Friends www.durgapujaonline.com has always guided you with the list of must see Durga Pujos, yes many a times we have missed out on some important Pujos but friends on most occasions we have helped you to  select your North- South Durga Pujo combinations  properly . In Durga Pujo 2012 we are recommending you to visit a particular Pujo of the North, Lalabagan Nabankur Sangha Durga Pujo 2012 . With theme maker Anirban Das its time for Shonkhe Shonkhe Mongolo Gao in Lalabagan Nabankur.

The line apparently creates an impression of Autumn in our mind. Yes friends in Lalabagan Nabankur Sangha we will see an artistic and creative visualization of Shorot Kal, the favourite season of the Bengalees because it is synonymous with our '' Shreshtho Utshob Durga Pujo''. Nature around us become jaunty,  jovial and jocund and sends similar sensation within us .

The pleasurable sound of the Dhak is like music to the ears, the Kaash flower toss their heads in '' sprightly dance '', the Shiuli flowers remain strewn in the path, the ancient ritual of Kola bou Snan or Nabapatrika Snan , in everything and everywhere the divine presence of Ma Durga is perceived. We begin to feel that Ma Durga is residing amidst us and is exhilarating because of the '' spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings'' by all of us. Durga Mata truly relishes and cherishes this showering of love, affection, care , concern, adoration and  reverence upon her.

Nature also seems to wait enthusiastically and animatedly for Ma Durga's yearly home coming and attires herself elegantly  to gladden and amuse Uma Ma. We also want to remove all our negative instincts from our mind and pay eulogy and gratefulness to Ma . It is our passionate and  earnest wish to fill the heavenly feet of Ma Durga with a cluster of Shiuli flowers. The autumnal feel shall pervade in the Durga Pujo Mandap of Lalabagan Nabankur Sangha who  shall delineate the individuality and quintessence of Autumnal beauty in Durga Pujo 2012.

Different varieties of Brush are used to create the artificial  Autumnal feel yet it would  look vivacious and dynamic and vigorous. www.durgapujaonline.com would present this autumnal view online soon.