Bakulbagan Sarbojanin Durga Pujo of South Kolkata is still an eminent  representative of the Traditional Club. When many Pujo organizers are eventually stepping into the world of theme based Durga Pujos, Bakulbagan proudly proclaims itself to be traditional and the Pujo successfully draws crowd from all corners of the city. Even the list that Pandal hoppers prepare before starting their venture, Bakulbagan Sarbojanin Durga Pujo occupies an important position in the South Kolkata department . in their quest to find out more news about Bakulbagan Sarbojanin Durga Pujo 2012 comes to know that this year the Pandal would remind us of an ancient Rajbari, the creation does not coincide with the appearance or structure of a particular Rajbari, it is purely imaginary.

Well we have seen Rajbari style of Pandal decoration many a times but friends honestly speaking Rajbari and Durga Pujo has an inherent connection hence a Pandal resembling a Rajbari appeal to us so much. Fiber glass is one of the raw material that is being used in erecting the Pandal structure. Ma Durga is embellished with the traditional Daaker Saaj.

The Ek Chala pattern where we have Ma Durga, Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati, Lord Ganesh and Katick sharing the same Chalchitro shall be followed. Ma Durga is worshipped in Bakulbagan Sarbojanin with extreme devotion and passion, traditional fervour and gaiety. The rules and regulations of Durga Pujo are strictly observed.

All those who are planning to watch  Durga Protima of  Daaker Saaj and the Ekchala design online  stay tuned and just strengthen this bonding  with because we will share the pictures soon that would undoubtedly arouse religious  feelings inside you.