66 Palli Sarbojanin Durgotshab Committee believes in the tradition of brotherhood and human bonding. This sixty  two year old  Durga Puja which is nearest to the Kalighat Metro Station can easily boast of its rich collection of awards and prizes. Friends just add to your knowledge that 66 Palli Durga Pujo 2012 is the proud winner of last year's twelve awards and till date the number of awards tantamount to a glorious hundred and fifty. www.durgapujaonline.com has come to know about these details from Rajat Sengupta, chief organiser of 66 Palli Durga Puja 2012. Besides the rich legacy in the field of awards, 66 Palli is also a leader when it comes to apply novelty and invention in Durga Pujo.

Theme maker Dipak Sarkar would present before us Rupsagare Sagartale Maayer Roop. Our ancient religious text Mahabharata apprises us that Lord Krishna along with the entire Yadav kula left the city of Mathura forever and He constructed a new city along the sea shore in Dwarka.

The city was consolidated and entrenched to provide protection to the masses of Mathura who were groaning under the tyrannical rule and autocracy of Jarasandha who was in favour of ruthless and merciless killing of the ardent devotees of Lord Krishna. After Lord Krishna left the world of mortals and landed in Vaikuntha( meaning the spiritual sky where there is no anxiety) , the city of Dwarka eventually got submerged within the deep sea bed. 66 Palli Durga Puja 2012 would attempt to impersonate a part of the temple where Devi Durga was worshipped in the lost city of Dwarka which is now under the sea , as found by Institute of Oceanography in 1999 by Mr. S.R. Rao and also by International Nautical Archaeology .

The relics and ruins of the lost city fortified with two and half miles long walls with sealed emblem marked in each stone slab as mentioned in Mahabharata , such details of ancient Indian History which adds up to the importance of Indian Religious life are being executed with consummate technical dexterity.  The city discovered during excavation under the sea is around three thousand five hundred years old as per Radio Carbon Dating. Friends now that you are aware of the details of theme and the refined imagination of 66 Palli Durga Puja 2012, you must be excited to visit this Durga Pujo as soon as possible. So on Tritiya evening we can expect the entire Pandal hopping community assembling in 66 Palli Durga Pujo 2012 right?

www.durgapujaonline.com would also endow with the chance to see the  lost city of Dwarka and how Durga Mata is worshipped there everything online .