Another South Kolkata Durga Pujo that deserves all the fame and appreciation is none other than Vivekananda Park Haridevpur Athletic Club. The Club organizes Cultural programmes throughout the year and noted artists have performed here on different occasions. The Club's popularity also rests in its ability to organize a  Durga Pujo abiding by all the traditional customs and rituals. Avijit Bhattacharya and Manash Biswas tells www.durgapujaonline.com  the unanimous involvement of all the people of neighbourhood  has made Vivekananda Park Haridevpur Athletic Club's Durga Pujo a beautiful experience. Durga Pujo 2012 would see Amor Sarkar's presentation of Hathe Niye Prodip Mukhomukhi Ishwar .

Friends let us give you a brief outline of this theme that is impregnated with so much of thoughts. In our childhood days Durga Pujo had an altogether different interpretation. It was all about absorbing ourselves fully into merriment and profuse enjoyment. Wearing a new dress and running to the Pujo Pandal as soon as the sound of the Dhak is heard, it had an entirely different charm.

The smell of festival filled the air and we used to watch how the priest performed Aarti in front of Ma Durga , how his hands used to sway with the rhythmic beating  sound of Dhak and Kashor Ghanta. The process of Aarti was strenuous and involved great physical exercise, the priest would sweat but nothing could deter him from offering his earnest prayers to Goddess Durga. The beams and rays of the candles and diyas would make Ma Durga's face shine with radiance, glow with an inexplicable ethereal beauty. It would appear as if Ma Durga is pulsating with life and She would grant all our prayers , desires and wishes.

In such a divine environment replenished with illumination and the heart warming sound of the Dhak reaching its crescendo all that we as a  child wished was to secure good results and pass our examination with flying colours. The importance and the inherent beauty of Aarti in Durga Pujo still remains the same, might be the implication , perception, realization and the feelings it inspire have changed a bit.The light of diya signifies the light of spiritual knowledge and we make our honest and humble plea to Ma Durga to kindle the light of this devotional and religious knowledge within us.

The sound of the dhak spiritually elevates our soul and fills our mind with sublime, lofty thoughts. It allow us to forget the worries of our daily existence , the mundaneness of everyday  life . The camphor when burns create an impression as if all the fears, anxieties , perplexities that mar our moments of happiness are also being dissolved and buried down. This deep cognizance  and profundity of thought have acted as the stimulus for Vivekananda Park Haridevpur Durga Pujo 2012.

They wish to pay homage and tribute to Durga Mata from the deepest core of the heart by using the instruments that play a vital role in Maayer Aarti. The Durga Pujo Mandap is embellished with Ghonta, Kashor Ghonta, thousands of diyas and many more things. Friends wear your new dresses and assemble in Vivekananda Park Haridevpur Durga Pujo 2012   and be a part of this holy project that aims to create a religious  atmosphere in Pujo Mandap, a Pujo feel within Durga Pujo, a beautiful juxtaposition of a concept within a much broader one but the two concepts do not overlap rather they are beautiful blended to create one harmonious whole, our Durga Pujo.

www.durgapujaonline.com shall share some divine moments and experiences straight from Vivekananda Park Haridevpur Durga Pujo 2012 soon.