CR Park Co-operative Society Durga Puja 2012 presents "Rural Art of Bengal Colored Bamboos" from Bankura



Bankura is located in the western part of the State of West Bengal. It is a part of Bardhaman Division of the State and included in the area known as "Rarh" in Bengal. It is bounded by Midnapore and Hooghly district in the East, Purulia in the West, Burdwan in the North and again Purulia and Midnapore in the South.
Bankura is triangular in shape with a total area of 6882 has decorated Bankura with her own hands. There are old brown hills, gleaming rivers, several ancient temples and monuments which are the repositories of thought culture and tradition of Bankura. The fairs of Bankura are often organized in consonance with religious festivities, primarily Durga Puja. The entire region is usually decorated with various Bamboo craft and panels.

Bamboo Craft

Bamboo, botanically known as bambusa, belongs, paradoxically enough, to the family of humble grass, graminae. But what is more amazing about this plant is the diverse role it plays in the service of mankind, although it grows in utter neglect. Each type of bamboo has its own characteristics. The gonda, goda and genthe bamboos are thick, heavy and knotty while the beseni, muli and talta bamboos are light, thin and hollow.

The uses of different types of bamboos vary according to their durability, characteristics and appearance. The thick and knotty bamboos are mainly used for structural purposes, for making furniture and fencings.. The thin, straight and hollow bamboos are commonly used for making containers, fish traps, baskets etc.
Bajali, a special type of bamboo, is used exclusively for making flutes.

The Bamboo art work is an old primitive style of Bankura and over the year's different techniques and innovation took place and one such Innovation is Paintings & colored Motifs on Bamboo. The Bengal Bamboos (Bambusa Tulda) is being used for such designs as they are thicker in Dia and have a smooth surface. The bamboos are colorfully painted with different ALPANA (Rangoli) themes and village woman draped in saris are common motifs. The paintings & designs on bamboo are later given a lacquer protection.

Co-operative Durga Puja showcased "Rural Art of Bengal  Colored Bamboos" where similar motifs are been created by artisans of Bankura Districts with use of other bamboo craft item such as Kulo's & Dalaa's. We intend to uplift this PRIMITIVE Art form and create a demand in Urban sector.

The Celebration