Kasba R.K. Chatterjee Road  Adhibashi Brindo Durga Pujo is governed by some brilliant thoughts which are aptly reflected through their themes. In Durga Pujo 2011 they astounded our Pandal hoppers with Putol Shaje Icchepuron, people appreciated their exceptional   presentation and have started taking keen interest in finding out Durga 2012 theme. So for all our  friends interacted with Samir Pal, a close associate of the Pujo committee to unearth some clues .

It is Tapan Sarkar who is designing the theme for this year and Kasba R.K. Chatterjee Road  Adhibashi Brindo Durga Pujo 2012 have named their idea as Avinobo Kather Mandap . Tree is an integral part of natural and environmental protection and the benefits of trees can be grouped  into social, environmental, communal and economic categories. Wood and timber also play a very vital role in human life and man has always realized the overwhelming importance of wood from the early days of civilization. The Pandal structure has been divided into three segments being built by wood.

The three attributes with which the image of Ma Durga is strongly identified is Triloke, Trinayan and Trishul, keeping these factors in mind  the Pandal structure would actually resemble a triangular pattern. The feel of swargo, morto and patal would remain dominant throughout the length and breadth of the Durga Pujo 2012 Pandal premise. Ma Durga's Trinoyon keeps a strict surveillance on the deeds and Karmas of mankind and on the ongoing happenings and occurrences in Hell, Heaven and Earth. Ma Durga's Trishul is the weapon that she uses to combat with the Power of Evil.

Whenever the world is caught amidst the sea of desperation, misery, and hopelessness it is Durga Mata's Trishul , the powerhouse of abounding and bountiful  strength that establish the reign of peace and harmony. Kasba R.K. Chatterjee Road  Adhibashi Brindo Durga Pujo 2012 would depict these thoughts in their Pandal made of wood. The message behind creating Hell, Heaven and Earth is to convey the necessity of spreading heavenly love everywhere and bid permanent farewell to all the negative instincts, the only objective is to make the Earth a better dwelling place.

It would be exciting to watch how this message would be transmitted through Avinobo Kather Mandap serving as the intermediary. In simple terms, we will see a specimen of art carved out of wood but in Kasba R.K. Chatterjee Road Adhibashi Brindo Durga Pujo 2012 art has been used for a purpose . Friends go and visit this Durga Pujo and see Avinobo Kather Mandap and the interlink between the different features surrounding the Mandap.

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