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By now www.durgapujaonline.com has already helped you all with a brief outline of South Kolkata Durga Pujos but one Pujo about whom we  shall discuss now is Mudiali Club. It has tremendous popularity among the masses. Their Pandal decoration, Ma Durga Protima, have always remained the crux of discussion . When www.durgapujaonline.com contacted Santanu Banerjee, General Secretary of Mudiali Club Durga Pujo 2012, he  says how difficult it is to live up to the expectation of so many people but the good wishes from everyone have helped them in  justifying their fame in an appropriate manner.

Sushanto Pal is in charge of decorating the Pandal with golden Daaker Saaj for Durga Pujo 2012. Daaker Saaj has so long been utilized  as a constituent used for Ma Durga's ornamentation. But Mudiali Club is synonymous with ingenuity and resourcefulness hence such ideas of stupefying the Pandal hoppers with Golden Daaker Saaj decorating the entire Pandal.

Not only the Pandal but Golden Daaker Saaj will also serve the role of an embellishment for Ma Durga. The Pandal is likely to resemble the shape of Krishnonogorer Taarer Mukut, infact the presence of this speciality from Krishnonogor will be seen in the Pandal. If we make an in depth study into the present trend of Durga Pujo in the city it would definitely not go unnoticed that Theme started predominating the scenario for more than a decade, in fact today Durga Pujo and Theme has a connection which we cannot negate.

In theme, the Pandal, or Ma Durga's Protima follow a particular subject or a definite pattern, sometimes there is an effort to depict a particular story through the decoration , theme revolves around the nucleus of particularity and specificality. But Mudiali Club Durga Pujo 2012 would not follow the path of narrating any particular tale. The only prevailing desire is to highlight the glory and divinity of Ma Durga, the festive feeling and the traditional aspect of Durga Pujo . Creating the true spirit of Durga Pujo by adding the correct emotion and feelings in right proportion is the only objective of Mudiali Club Durga Pujo 2012.

www.durgapujaonline.com would share all details such as the picture of Pandal, idol of Ma Durga  with online viewers but the ones who can make into Mudiali Club Durga Pujo 2012 then join the celebrations in Mudiali from Panchami evening onwards.

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