Towards the end of 1892 after three years of wandering in different parts of India , a young monk reached Kanyakumari, the Southern most tip of India. He meditated on the rock and at the end of three days and nights the monk found enlightenment. Today the rock is known as Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the monk is Swami Vivekananda. When wwww..durgapujaonline.com is talking about Vivekananda Rock it definitely has some implication and suggestion. Actually one of the dominant Durga Pujo of the North, College Square is paying reverence and showing allegiance to the spiritual teacher, patriot, prophet Swami Vivekananda, a messiah of modern India through Durga Pujo 2012. Swamiji's hundred and fiftieth birth anniversary year is commemorated by College Square Durga Pujo 2012  by erecting their Pandal structure in the form of Vivekananda Rock Memorial of Kanyakumari .

In College Square also we have the presence of a large water  body so friends just imagine the ornateness and sophistication   the Pandal structure would assume on Durga Pujo evenings when by the virtue of   brilliant and remarkable lighting  of College Square  the reflection of the Pandal would fall on the source of water lying in close proximity and ultimately  a complete magical spell is just awaiting to stupefy us.  The long stretch of lines whose end point remains unseen and obscure, the Kolkata Police having a mammoth task in handling the crowd, the Calcutta University campus and  the Kolkata Medical College silently witnessing the ''unbound joy'' of the Pandal hoppers waiting for an opportunity to enter inside College Square Durga Pujo premise , friends your excitement meter is soaring high right?

Whenever College Square Durga Pujo is visited, at least five to six hours are dedicated to accomplish the mission because literally a  peaceful war goes on in between the lines but everyone is filled  with patience, perseverance and passion and only one slogan exists'' a little bit of hardship can easily be undergone for the sake of College Square Durga  Pujo''. There is always so much to explore in College Square, the innovation in lighting, the depiction and representations through lighting, for this we need to have ample time at disposal and frankly speaking our Pandal hoppers know these facets and features of College Square so they motivate themselves accordingly .

The magnificent Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari is an undying source of inspiration, emblem of unity and purity. This is exactly the reflection of the spirit of Durga Pujo, Ma Durga inspires us, her blessings purify and cleanse our mind and the festival aims at propagating the message of unity and religious tolerance. In the Memorial there is a happy and harmonious blend of all the architectural beauty of the country. In College Square Durga Pujo 2012 the construction and framework of this sacred monument is being accomplished by Pal Decorators of Shantipur.

From Chaturthi evening start assembling in Kolkatar Boi Para, a place of heritage where a Durga Pujo with an illustrious history makes its towering presence felt. www.durgapujaonline.com expresses gratitude to the general secretary Bikashda for narrating the particular qualities  of College Square Durga Pujo 2012 with us and we will also share the pictures of  Pandal , Lighting and Durga Protima  of College Square Durga Puja 2012 as soon as possible.