25 Pally Sarbojanin Durgotshab committee came into existence in the year 1945 and in a way pioneered the trend of being unique which with the course of time has been endowed  the title of Theme. Howrah Bridge, Sheesh Mahal, extravagant opera house , Pandal made of wooden structure, The Trevi Fountain  and many other  creations have always evoked feelings of amazement and wonderment in the minds of the Pandal hoppers.

It is purely by the dint of this extraordinary and fascinating conceptions that 25 Pally occupied a very strong position in the list of Kolkata's must see Durga Pujos. Durga Pujo committee member  Ashim Dutta convey gratitude on behalf  of the entire 25 Pally Durga Pujo team  to print and electronic media without whose perpetual support and encouragement it would not have been possible for them to reach this position. www.durgapujaonline.com in their attempt to find out intricate details about 25 Pally Durga Pujo 2012 learn about this year's theme, Pranojjol Jyotirmoyee , a supposition by Partho Das Gupta .

Ma Durga symbolizes the power of the Supreme Being who maintains the codes of morality in this universe and directs and guides everyone to follow the rightful path. Worshipping Goddess Shakti is very popular among the Hindus. Ma Durga is the personification of Divinity and Divine forces. The creator of this universe and source of power, this particular characteristic of  Ma Durga shall be highlighted by means of sculpture. In 25 Pally Durga Puja 2012 Mandap there shall be touch of air, the synchronization of colourful and brilliant lights and people  would be able to see one's own reflection and image.

A white canvas is kept and the atmosphere and ambiance correspond to theatrical and cinematic perspective. Creating an environment of cinematic significance to utmost perfection and precision is deliberate because the year 2013 coincidentally happens to be the mark of  an achievement in the field of Indian Cinema. It is Indian Cinema's celebration of hundred glorious years and an illustrious history being associated with it. Hence to pay tribute to this landmark of  Indian Cinema ,25 Pally Sarbojanin Durga Pujo 2012 ruminated about this theme.

Among the different raw materials being used, iron and steel are quite fundamental. The tunes and lyrics  of Tagore's composition Prothomo Adi Tobo Shakti would reverberate in the Durga Pujo Mandap. To bathe human mind and soul in the blissful and celestial light emanated by Goddess Durga and making it free from the darkness and gloominess of all kind is the only motive of 25 Palli Sarbojonin Durga Pujo 2012. Friends if possible visit this Durga Pujo on Chaturthi itself  to avoid the long stretch of never ending line.

To add to your information ,  Mr. Pawan Ruiya shall inaugurate it on Chaturthi. www.durgapujaonline.com shall  take you all to this cinematic journey against the background of Durga Pujo. Stay tuned .