There are many traditional Durga Pujos scattered in the lanes and by lanes of North Kolkata and one of them is Tala Palli Durga Pujo. The Pujo is in its sixty- fifth year and co-operation of the local people and traditional aspect of the Durga Pujo have still been working in their favour and they  have not lost their identity in the vast sea of theme- oriented Durga Pujos.

Joint secretary of Tala Palli  Durga Pujo 2012   Anup Kumar Kundu shares such intricate details  with www.durgapujaonline.com. Ma Durga is worshipped as per the ritualistic demands of the  Sonatoni system. The interiors of the Pandal are being decorated with the artistic use of the Hogla leaves which otherwise act as a perfect camouflage for the Royal Bengal tiger in the Sunderban delta. The leaves are furnished with colours so that everything around looks colourful and full of life. Positive energy, mirth and enthusiasm are signified by colouring the Hogla leaves in abundance. The Durga Pujo Mandap will also be adorned with different statues and lanterns shall be kept hanging .

The festive mood shall be judiciously created through the use of light and colours in legitimate and equitable proportion. Like every year Pandal is structured by the famous Mian Decorators of Kanthi. Yes friends this is a special feature of Tala Palli Durga Pujo that their Pandal is built by only Milon Decorators. Last year Ma Durga was draped in a saree made of clay. Friends you can visit this Pujo on Chaturthi evening in case you are planning to  begin Pandal hopping by visiting Durga Pujos of the Northern zone first. Chau dance performers from Purulia would enthrall our Pandal hoppers with their  lovely form of dance that  primarily depicts the victory of good over the evil ones.

www.durgapujaonline.com would bring glimpses of Tala Palli Durga Pujo 2012 for all of you to glance at.