Year 2003 changed the positioning of Santoshpur  Lake Pally  in the Durga Pujo graph of Kolkata. It tasted success and won accolades from every corner . It was the year when they organized Durga Pujo based on the Chou dance concept and to put things in a lively manner Chou dance was staged within the Durga Pujo premise. What followed after 2003 is just history, every year Lake Pally  Santoshpur came up with fresh concepts and all their attempts met with  tremendous success.

Rana Dasgupta a close associate of Santoshpur Lake Pally shares his joy with www.durgapujaonline.com and explains how every year people appreciate their efforts and love and adulation of people is reflected in the award bag also. Last year Santoshpur Lake Pally Durga Pujo  won eighteen awards. In the course of this interaction with www.durgapujaonline.com,  the theme for the year 2012 is revealed.

 Abokkhoyer Andhokare Shantir Stob, a thought by Purnendu Dey , the theme maker. With the passage of time and with the advancement, reformation and progression  of civilization in leaps and bounds, it appears that our predicament, tribulation and discontentment have also multiplied. There have been a radical and drastic change in the complexion of  society. Apparently it seems that man has lost his social and moral values because of this fast modern life and to utter chagrin and disappointment, in many situations loss of social values and responsibilities  have also  become noticeable. Society is no longer pure and pristine rather a desolate and barren future is awaiting to embrace us.

The loss of ethical and humanitarian values are gradually  accelerating the process of destruction and devastation. So in order to awaken a deep sense of spiritual conviction and redemption , Santoshpur Lake Pally Durga Pujo 2012 would present Abokkhoyer Andhokare Shantir Stob , it is a simple prayer to Ma Durga  so that She takes measure to re- establish peace, harmony in society and make it a place worthy for living beings, a society where there is  mutual love and respect and people regard the societal and ethical norms and pay importance to the codes of moralities existing in our society. Its about praying to Ma Durga so that she restores our lost virtues and makes life joyful and jubilant.

The Durga Protima  in Santoshpur Lake Pally 2012 would resemble the typical idol in ancient Hindu temples. From a distance the Pandal would bear the impression of a lotus but not in totality. The theme maker has added his masterly touches in devising the Pandal structure and  some inspiration from Modern Art has also  been drawn. The Pandal walls are designed with paintings  of variety that are providing appropriate justification to  the theme and the chant of  Om Shanti which is a part of Hindu life and culture shall also be perceived in the Durga Pujo Mandap. Friends on Chaturthi evening itself visit Santoshpur Lake Pally Durga Pujo 2012 and be a part of this sacred and blessed environment.

Opportunity is there to view everything online but for that www.durgapujaonline.com needs to be visited.