CM inaugurates the pujo on Choturthi

Sampurna at Samajsebi Sangha

Pratima & Mondop

Samaj Sebi Sangha , a well- known Durga Pujo committee of the South started functioning from 16th August, 1946. The primary objective of Samaj Sebi in  celebrating a Sarbojanin Durga Pujo in South Kolkata was to emphasize on the point of community development and spread the message of peace and harmony in society. Many freedom fighters and personalities of eminence have been associated with Samaj Sebi Sangha like Dr. Meghnath  Saha, Shri Sarat Chandra Bose, Shri  Jadunath Sarkar, Smt Leela Roy and many more. Arijit Mitra, a member of Samaj Sebi Sangha Durga Puja 2012 familiarizes  www.durgapujaonline.com with such necessary informations pertaining to Samaj Sebi .

This is the sixty seventh year of Samaj Sebi Sangha's Durga Pujo and they shall present a pictorial narration and characterization of Komol Nashkar's idea- '' Shekal- Ekal : 100 years past and present with a caption of Yester years Aristocratic Ritual Pujas and Todays Theme Pujas. Friends we all know the endless and incessant  debates that go on regarding Ritual based Durga Pujas and Theme based Durga  Pujas. So much of energy has been channelized into this direction, the two Patterns of Pujas have been weighed and pros and cons of the two genres have been pointed but no conclusions could be drawn and no verdicts have been pronounced because we Bengalees love both Traditional and Theme Pujos.

Both the kinds of Durga Pujos are continuing to appeal and appease us, we crave and yearn for both  and there lies the spirit of Bangaleer Durga Pujo. Samaj Sebi Sangha Durga Pujo 2012 would give us an idea of the atmosphere , backdrop, circumstances, context, setting and surrounding of hundred years old Pujo and the recent trend of Durga Pujos following the theme category. A point worth mentioning at this juncture is that Samaj Sebi Sangha Durga Pujo 2012 is just trying to depict the things, there is not an attempt to underestimate  or  humiliate either traditional or theme- oriented pattern. Both these types of Durga Pujos have their own exclusive features and sole characteristics.

In the old pattern of Durga Pujos all the protocols and practises are observed in the most rigorous and conscientious manner. Even the structure of Ma Durga's Kathamo was built for a prolonged time period and in those days the ceremony of restructuring the Kathamo began with gusto from the day of  Rathyatra. The eagerness and ecstasy that began with Kathamo Pujo reached its culmination with Chokhkhudaan , officially marking the beginning of  Durga Mata's arrival.

A close study into the recent trend of orientation towards theme have helped in surfacing many facts and datas, the scope for employment opportunities have widened and many families have got a reason to smile. Durga Pujos now begin with Khuti Pujo. Pandal hoppers are astounded with creative excellence and artistic innovation. Now how the noticeable change in Durga Pujo character   will be highlighted is something for which we need to visit Samaj Sebi Sangha Durga Pujo 2012 from Panchami evening onwards.

Panchami  also has one added attraction ,  Singer Srikumar Chatterjee would captivate  the attention of the audience by presenting '' Shekaler Gaan''. Kumari Pujo shall be held in the Durga Pujo Mandap in a grand manner on the auspicious day of Nabami around 11-12 pm ( 23rd October) as the ''mark'' of Shakti in every woman. Sindoor Khela shall also be held with pomp and show and a lavish and stunning immersion process of Devi  Durga shall follow later.

For all our friends scattered in parts of India and worldwide , www.durgapujaonline.com would bring updates straight from Samaj Sebi Sangha Durga Pujo 2012 Mandap soon.