Dear friends you all have heard about Avenue South Pallymangal Durga Pujo, the Puja began from 1967 but eventually climbed up the ladder of fame because of the dedication and devotion with which the Durga Pujo is performed , active and wholehearted  participation of the local people and financial flow induced  in Durga Pujo arrangements. Another unique feature of Avenue South Pallymangal Durga Puja  is that they organized Kumari Pujo for three consecutive years. Such exclusive details are shared with www.durgapujaonline.com by Dhruba Basu, the vice- president of this Durga Pujo.

 Last year Avenue South Pallymangal Durga Pujo bagged seven awards and in the year 2012 also they are back to enlighten the Pandal hoppers with something unique and individualistic. Theme maker Subhashish Chakroborty , a gold medalist Government Art College, student of 1994 batch has composed the concept of Avenue South Pallymangal Durga Pujo 2012. Dugga Dugga is an attempt to establish to the supremacy , ascendancy and dominance of Ma Durga. The tussle and conflict between '' Good '' and '' Evil'' has begun from the day of creation of this universe. Sometimes '' Evil'' becomes powerful but finally it is always the victory of '' Good or Positivity'' over '' Evil or negativity''.

Similarly good and bad times are the two sides of the same coin. Tough times often want to disrupt the momentum of our lives and detract our concentration, determination and perseverance. It is believed that it is Ma Durga who uplifts us from the abyss of despair and distress and liberate and disentangle us from such moments of adversity. Durga Mata is all powerful, SHE is invincible, SHE fought with Mahishasur to establish peace, harmony and good times in our lives .

Hence when we set out of the house our elders utter the name of Ma Durga, the unified symbol of all divine forces. Through Durga Pujo 2012 Dugga Dugga theme, it is an appeal to Mankind to utter the name of Ma Durga, the name is a store house of enormous divine power that is strong enough to dispel all kinds of trouble from our lives and fill us with strength and fortitude in times of calamity. Ma Durga would bless our lives with boundless joy and natural life and life of man would bloom and blossom with full vitality and vivacity. Different kinds of raw materials are used to erect the Pandal that would in all aspect justify the significance of the concept appropriately.

MS Perforated sheets are used , different kinds of designs and figure works shall beautify Avenue South Pallymangal Durga Puja 2012 Pandal premise. www.durgapujaonline.com shall bring some informations  soon, keep visiting this space friends. Till then Dugga Dugga.