Durga Puja , the biggest  festival of the Bengalees add joviality and jocundity in our lives. It is the time when people from diverse geographical locations meet with each other and exchange warm gestures. Thus Durga Puja acts as a catalyst in bringing myriad of people in close proximity and ignites interaction between them. Keeping this aspect in mind, Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha Durga Puja is weaving the theme for 2012. Its again theme maker Prosanto Pal , the magician behind the secret of twenty one awards of last year. To www.durgapujaonline.com Robin Ganguly the committee member illustrates the theme of Rong, Utshob, Durga, Srishti, Milon in a nut shell and how each of the elements in the theme are the inter- connected parameters of Durga Puja. Colour enhances the mood of festivity , it enchants and entices the human sensory organs. Hence , colour is used as the most important adornment  for the Puja Pandal. Festival is the nucleus around which human emotions revolve .

Ma Durga has profound religious importance, the name when articulated arouse the feelings of dedication, devotion, reverence, mental peace and an willing submission of our complete being before the Goddess. Man and Creativity are inextricably linked and are indispensable.

Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha whose actual motto is to create something unique and distinctive is creating the Pandal in an extraordinary way with the use of abundance in colours, giving a surrealistic feel. In Durga Puja 2012, Tarun Sangha would present affinity and amicability between human beings which would be accentuated because of the creation of a colourful Pandal as the back ground.  A metro ride to Belgachia and then reach Dum Dum Park 3 number tank to witness the celebration and synchronization of colours .

The exclusive creation shall be the colourful confluence  where a multitude of  men and women would enthrall themselves this festive season. We www.durgapujaonline.com promise to bring more details eventually.