The City of Joy  during Durga Puja assumes a separate entity. People in colourful clothes moving from one location to the other, the yearning  to reach  the specific Puja Pandals, enquiry about the length of the ''line in front of the Pandal'', the congregation of crowds , their  disposition to watch at least ninety percent of the Durga Pujas within five days, this indomitable zeal and insurmountable passion and love for Durga Puja gives a message to the entire world that '' Amra Bangalee ar amader sreshtho utsav  Durgotsav''.

A North Kolkata Puja that is a consistent crowd puller is Jorasanko Saater Palli which in its forty- sixth year will provide a deep insight into Rabha  tribe, Ghoter upor Devir pran, Bodhoner anginai Rabha  Gaan. Theme maker Biltu and Bappa is recreating  this primitive tribal culture in Jorasanko 7-er Palli  Durga Puja 2012 by using bamboos, lanterns and hurricanes. Jaydip Das, the treasurer of the club talks about  a particular feature of the Pandal to , ''no ropes shall be used in our Pandal''.

Now that's quite interesting Rabha tribes have a deep rooted faith that they have inherited from their forefathers which revolve around the world of deities and spirits. Like most tribal societies they have set their community activity guidelines to ensure safety and prosperity, religion to  them is an  assemblage of ideas, attitudes, creeds and acts of supernaturalism. The Rabha tribal society worship Ma Durga in Rontu  Devi avatar and she is worshiped in all occasions. Myth has it that the Puja of Rontu Devi was started to ensure protection from natural calamity. The simplicity, innocence of Rabha tribe yet their primitive life style will be reverberated in

Jorasanko Saater Palli Puja Pandal in Durga Puja 2012. So friends be a part of this tribal merriment  and for the ones who in spite of the desire cannot reach Jorasanko Saater Palli Durga Puja 2012 for them is there.