41 Palli Haridevpur club is well- known by the dint of its own merit in the South Kolkata zone. The club has a collaboration with Help Age India and has shouldered the responsibility of  conducting various awareness programmes. On 5th 2012, World Environment Day , a tableau was displayed in the lanes and roads  of the city to create awareness about protection and conservation of environment. Similarly another awareness programme was also organized to spread informations about prevention of Dengue. Besides, the club has its own dance and drawing school and can easily proclaim themselves to be the owner of a multi-gym equipped with the latest amenities. 41 Palli Haridevpur club is a winner in the field of Durga Pujo also. In their fifty fifth year they would present
                                                                    Devi Dekche Devi Dekche
                                                           Saap Ludote Jibon Utche Jibon Namche.

An idea being actualized in 41 Palli Haridevpur Durga Pujo 2012 premise by theme maker Sourav Jana. Dipankar Chatterjee, chief coordinator of the Club tells how they are being driven by the passion to present something creative and innovative to the pandal hoppers every year and he also explains the theme to in details.

The success quotient in human life is directly proportional to his  expertise in work , meticulousness, diligence  and his job skills and the development of the society depends on his ardent and selfless participation . Accomplishments and achievements in human life is ephemeral, it is transitory. The wheel of Fortune keeps on rotating and automatically Man's destiny also oscillates between prosperity and uncertainty, something which happens in the Game of Ludo that is characterized by continuous  upward and downward movement.

A person climbs up the pinnacle of success and can be reduced to someone very trivial, inconsequential and insubstantial, this is the harsh reality and the irony of life. Such drastic changes and the flow in our life is controlled by an unseen force,by  the overseeing presence of someone. It is Ma Durga who is the controller of destiny , it is She who administrates the moments of happiness and melancholy in Human life. This concept will be depicted in 41 Palli Haridevpur with schematic representations being used as one of the tools of Pandal decor. Materials such as iron, wood, brass, bronze are used profusely to make the Pandal structure.

To see everything on your own  all you  need to do is to  visit 41 Palli Haridevpur Durga 2012 on Tritiya evening. Keep checking , we promise to bring some more news soon.