Dum Dum Park is in a commanding position in the sphere of theme- based Durga Pujas. A distinguished Durga  Puja of the locality is  Bharat Chakra that has conquered the hearts of the Pandal hoppers . The Puja is  only twelve years old but the story of its exemplary success began from the moment of its inception, it has been the winner of  the reputed Asian Paints Award in its ninth year and last year too it bagged as many as twenty two awards .

Bharat Chakra Club publishes a magazine called '' Prayas '' that captures the creativity of the localites, the magazine received impetus and encouragement from the eminent personalities of our society. The strong cultural foundation of the Club is reflected  in its observance of the Rabindra- Nazrul Sandhya , organized for paying homage and tribute to Tagore and Nazrul. came across such interesting details about the Club when the joint secretary Prateik Chowdhury was contacted to enquire about the theme details of Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra . Theme maker Gourango Kuila has  masterminded the idea for Durga Puja 2012- ''

 Alor Khoje Jib Jagat, Badha Premer Bondhone
 Abar Pujoi Pa Mili Bhai
 Amra Alor Sondhane''.

Everyone desire to obliterate the tension and worries of daily schedule and plunge into a state of joyful exuberance during Durga Puja. The prime attractions being the Puja Pandal , the Goddess and the plenitude and plethora of lustrous light, the proper inter- mingling of these three elements make the festival look complete. So in Dum Dum Park  Bharat Chakra Durga Puja 2012 all we can see is a spiritual journey in quest of light.

The term light instantly recalls the thought about the light of the sun in our mind. Because of its
light, its warmth and its energy, the sun is the basis of life for flora and fauna. The sun stimulates spirit and soul. Life is a manifestation of activity and vibrations of life originate in the sun. Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra through their execution of the theme would incorporate these qualities of the natural sun into their ''sun'' which is theme, '' Alor Sondhane'' there by creating one unifying whole which would intensify and kindle the human spirit by deriving strength and power from the Earthly  Sun.

To see the parallelism and equipoise between the heavenly Sun and the thematic Sun what our lovely bunch of Durga Puja lovers need to do is reach near Dum Dum Park 2 number tank from Chaturthi evening onwards and all those who cannot make it to the Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra Durga Puja 2012 for them is definitely there as the most trusted saviour.