North Kolkata has a very illustrious graph regarding Durga Puja where we have the harmonious  co-existence of traditional and theme based Pujas. Some old Pujas of the North are venturing into themes in recent times and one of them is Rammohan Shrishti Sangha that  has already captured the attention of Durga Puja loving Bengalees. Sujit Gupta, a member of the Club tells how they have taken up the arduous task  of  organizing  theme- related Puja at the same time keeping their tradition of  fifty four years intact. In Durga Puja 2012 , Rammohan Shrishti Sangha has tried to be a bit didactic and moralistic in its approach of the theme, '' Dream'' , an idea assumed by Arijit Amboli.

The theme aims at affirming the detrimental and unfavourable impacts of deforestation, global warming and the continuous destruction of the Green for the sake of industrialization and urbanization. A beautiful creation of God ,  a butterfly who symbolizes flamboyance, gaiety and mirth , freedom, naturalness and purity is personified. The ''blithe spirit'' is grieved to see the cruel, inhuman and degrading picture of man's brutal torture on Nature . The butterfly offers her  sincerest prayers and offerings to the Providence and asks the Almighty to endow her with strength, courage and fortitude so that she can fight against the ruthlessness of humans and his  condemnable and despicable  act of  destroying and devastating the greenery around .

The little being also shows her willingness to create an awareness in the human world about his contemptuous deeds which shall ultimately take its toll not only in the plant world but also in the world of living beings . A Butterfly is also a symbol of metamorphosis , in the context of Rammohan Shrishti Sangha Durga Puja 2012 also the butterfly desires to bring about significant, remarkable and noticeable changes in the irresponsible attitude of  human world which if  not ammended would  automatically  signal the continuation  to the tragic tale of  havoc and ravage in the vegetable kingdom. Brahmachari Mural Bhai will inaugaurate this Durga Puja on Tritiya evening and then all of you should start visiting to see  the touching  depiction of the pitiable state of Nature and a Butterfly's honest plea to Ma Durga to sway her magic wand .