Rabindranath Tagore is  ageless and timeless, the genius in him took  our country  to the pinnacle of its cultural and literary glory and established the Bengalees in a formidable position in the global sphere. Tagore dwells in our heart and soul. Among the the numerous elements which define a ''Bengali'' , Kobiguru and Durga Puja are the foremost. If you are a Bengali then you must have recited '' Birpurush'' and have sang the heart- warming lyrics of '' Amra Shobai Raja'' or ''Bhoy Hote Tobo Abhoy Majhe''.

 The celebrated Poet and Nobel Laureate and greatest celebration and festival of Durga Puja are the traits of quintessential Bengali Culture. Hindustan Park Durga Puja 2012 , the winner of last year's 16 awards in its eighty- second year shall pay eulogy and laudation to Tagore through Amor Sarkar's theme of '' Bhoy Hote Tobo Abhoy Majhe''. Sutapa Das, the treasurer of Hindustan Park Durga Puja 2012 elucidates the theme in detail to

Human mind  is fraught with pain, grief, sorrow, anxiety, insecurities and fears. The fear of loss, of decay and destruction demotivates our mind. Hindustan Park in Durga Puja 2012  shall invoke the deity and offer sincerest prayers to Ma Durga to liberate our mind from the oppression and confinement of  fear and negative emotions. Its understood that the theme has appealed to the intellect of the Bengalees so dont waste  time and instantly highlight this Puja too in your South Kolkata list of must see Durga Pujas. 

Hindustan Park shall distribute certain requisites to under privileged  one hundred and fifty children on Panchami evening and whether the eminent  President of the Durga Puja Committee Nobonita Deb Sen will be  present is up to you guys to go and find it out all by yourself. Near about 200 children from Missionaries Of Charity are summoned every year to attend the community lunch on Nabami and  year 2012 is  also not an exception. 

Those who are craving for more informations on Hindustan Park Durga Puja 2012 then simply strengthen this association with further as we shall bring more details soon.