Dum Dum Park Tarun Dal has carved out a niche for itself by virtue of its powerful creativity. This thirty- five year old Puja committee won seven awards last year and in Durga Puja 2012 they are back with a bang again. Protikkhon Ghosh, the treasurer of the Club speaks to to reveal the theme for Durga Puja 2012, ul katar jadur choya, a theme designed by Anirban Das. 

The relevance of  the theme bears its significance even today. ''Mother'' or ''Ma'' is the source of love, of life , of creation. The Power of ''ADYASHAKTI MAHAMAYA'' lay hidden within her . Motherhood is a term that evokes a particular concept or image. Traditional roles for women suggest that motherhood is a complete vocation. However, a mother's role continue to evolve both in society and at home. Some responsibilities, though, stay the same throughout history as they are biologically defined . Other roles fall traditionally to mothers as caretakers of the family, our mothers justify the term '' Doshobhuja'' appropriately. In spite of the umpteen responsibilities ,our mothers do pay some attention to knitting wools and needles, an household object  that bears a close association with our mothers and hence the idea to pay tribute to Motherhood by using a component that is identifiable with her image.

The Pandal is decorated by the artistic use of colourful knitting wools. At the entrance is woolen sky, cloud and birds, people need to travel through the shady branches of a Siuli tree to come in front of an artificial water pool where woolen fishes and lotus leaves are scattered in abundance. Goddess Durga's abode is also within a thirty feet high woolen lotus. The visual imagery  evoked is strong enough to tempt the pandal hoppers who must tread beside Dum Dum Park Post Office from Chaturthi evening onwards.

We promise to bring more details about Dum Dum Park Tarun Dal Durga Puja 2012 but for that  you need to visit at regular intervals.