South Kolkata offers a huge multitude of popular Durga Pujas and one of them is Sanghasree where Durga Puja began way back in 1946 . The club is noted because of its remarkable  ability to balance between theme and traditional content in Durga Puja.  When interacted with Debashish Sengupta, the treasurer of the club, he divulged the details about  Durga Puja 2012 theme, a chitro, sheshitro, chalchitro. Somnath Mukherjee , the theme maker is describing the evolution of human beings by means of relief work. In our childhood days, learning about the life- style of primitive men always enthralled us, even though the learning spirit  got lost in the ebb of time but the interest till date has remained somewhat intact.

The battle, the blood shed, the invocation to the Goddess and complete submission before her, celebrating joy after victory, the life, the vitality, the vivacity, all contribute in creating a perfect picture of the ancient and medieval period. Those lost times and  the paradigm shift of human thoughts shall be described in totality against the  background of modern day canvas . It shall be highly interesting to watch how '' Chalchitro'', one of the most essential components of Durga Puja shall serve as the medium of narration of tales of early men .

The walls of the Puja Pandal would provide a glimpse into the spectacular and abundant cave paintings , early men and  their traditional way of life, their act of preparing elaborate pictographs, prayers to the supernatural before and after the battle. Such depictions have always catered to our modern artistic tastes.

Sanghasree Durga Puja 2012 would recreate and celebrate the exquisite sagas of ancient times through colourful designs and with paper pulp being the raw material. So friends just reach behind Kalighat Fire Station at Panchami 8 pm and soothe your eyes not only with the colourful execution of Durga Puja 2012 theme  but the glam quotient shall  climb up several notches higher because Bangaleer very own Chumki di that is Debosree Roy shall come for inaugauration.

Stay tuned as shall bring informations about the intertwining of early man and modern times.