The delightful duel between the theme based Durga Pujas of the South and the traditional pattern of the North has in all probability  yielded substantial benefits for the Durga puja loving frenzied Bengalis. Durga Puja in their quest to find the necessary informations pertaining to Durga Puja 2012 has realized that the Puja committees being driven by the desire to create something new has not only astounded the pandal hoppers but it has also given impetus to re-animate  the culture,tradition, art, architecture, cottage and handloom industry of  Bengal. 

West Bengal’s rich and diverse cultural backdrop  has received obeisance from all parts of the world but this  magnificent lineage is perhaps groaning under the shackles of modernization and westernization and is becoming almost inconspicuous. Roop chand Mukherjee lane Durga Puja that delighted the heart and soul of the Bengalis  right from 1971 when it organized a theme based puja for the first time is again the crux of discussion in its 66th year . 

This year its time for them and us to recreate and celebrate the six festivals of Bengal that is seemingly erased from public memory- Tushu, Bhadu, Nobanno, Chorok, Roth and Mayurkonthi. An idea conceived by Chanchal Debnath actually justifies the motto of the Puja committee- organizing theme based puja at the same time remaining grounded and deeply rooted. 

Mr. Gopal Mukherjee joint secretary announces with pride that four of their Durga idols are preserved in the Kolkata museum and this year also their Durga idol shall be carved out of wooden toy. With the winner of last year’s 9 awards, its time to look back into our glorious past & immerse ourselves into the delectable Tushu Bhadu genre. Friends don’t forget to tread beside Bhawanipur police station this Durga Puja to apprise ourselves about our very own celebrations and festivities